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Go back in time to the Middle Ages and visit the ruins of Dagstuhl Castle near Wadern. Big and small history enthusiasts will find exciting information about an age long past. The castle ruins are situated in the uplands of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park and are the landmark of Wadern along with Dagstuhl House at the foot of the hill.  


Dagstuhl Castle, first mentioned in a document in 1290, was built in 1270 as an outpost of the ruling elector and archbishop of Trier by Knight Boemund of Saarbrücken. The site on a hilltop with an outer bailey to the north and defences to the south with fosse, rampart and two bastions is more than three hundred meters long.  


After extensive restoration work the site was made more accessible and is now an authentic monument to the Middle Ages. Boards in four languages give information on the history of the site as well as life in the castle. Historical-dress tours and events on and at the foot of the hill take you on an exciting journey trough time.  


International fans of the Middle Ages can find translations in English. French an Dutch by clicking on the "Geschichte" (history) menu.

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