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Overall view of castle including outer bailey
Archaeologically exposed paved path into the outer bailey showing tracks left by carriages.


Outer Bailey of Dagstuhl Castle

Despite a geomagnetic prospect executed in 2001 we know very little about the outer bailey of which only a few bits of wall remain. It was intensively used by several families so it was doubtlessly densely built-up.
As well as buildings with cellars, accommodation for cattle, pigs, cows, sheep and goats is frequently mentioned, also  external stables, barn, shed, herdsman’s dwelling and a site for manure, while some of the meat stores, bakeries, stables, lime houses, barns and kitchens were sited in the main castle. There was most probably a smithy in the outer bailey too, because there was often forging work to be done.

The walled outer bailey also had its own bridge with gatehouse and drawbridge. In 2004, archaeological probes were able to site the position of the bridgeheads as well as the route of the paths through the outer bailey. The economic buildings also included a mill below the castle.

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