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Plan of periods of building. Comparing the walls erected in 1984-91 with the original ruins it becomes obvious how badly they are positioned on the older edifices. This is especially serious in the area of the curtain walls.
Plan of the walls erected in 1984-91 and taken down in 2003-2006. Technical and historical reasons made the demolition necessary.
Partial demolition of the south-east tower which was in danger of collapse after the restoration work in 1984-91. It had to be partly rebuilt in 2004 & 2005. At the same time the shape of it was corrected as the walling erected in 1984-91 did not correspond to the foundations.
Building work on the castle 2005.


Repair work on the Castle

First repairs took place on the completely overgrown, dilapidated castle  from 1984 to 1991. Large areas of the main castle were freed from rubble, the exposed walls were secured, excavations took place in the outer ward and the striking south-west tower was coated with a protective layer of cement. The state preservation office stopped the repair work and excavations in 1991 because of the lack of specialist supervision.

Only in 1999 did the Wadern society for local heritage manage to get work on the castle going again, this time under the supervision of archaeological experts. By 2001 the great hall had been uncovered.

The conservation of the walls started in 2003 was part of a concept to stop deprecation of the castle worked out in close coordination with the state office for conservation and local organisations.. It was developed by the Dr. Zeune office for castle research (Eisenberg im Allgäu) and was implemented step by step by the  town of Wadern up to 2006.
The work consisted mainly of the professional conservation of the walling and the removal of previous conservation mistakes (e.g.lack of wall filler, joints filled with industrial cement) as well as the removal of historically incorrect and also faulty additions (e.g. thin battlement walls). The site was completely overgrown again and resembled a jungle. It was cleared of greenery and a path was cleared to give an unimpeded view from the town. The castle was illuminated and made historically correctly accessible via bridges. Information boards were set up alongside and a guide, an information leaflet and a workbook for schools  were published.


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